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About CoreBridge

In today's business world the waves of change move rapidly. Companies must constantly adapt to advancements in technology and in the marketplace to keep from going under. Utah based Atomology, LLC created the CoreBridge Management System (CoreBridge) to provide a steady platform for businesses to run effectively, fluidly, and safely by putting all critical business processes in one easy-to-access place all while allowing for the flexibility of working remotely.

CoreBridge offers companies a reliable way to maximize their resources in an effortless and efficient manner as mobility quickly becomes the status quo. Manpower, finances, materials, processes and more are streamlined into a 100% web-based system giving you more control and flexibility by allowing your team to access information securely when and where they need to.

Founded in 2007, Atomology is made up of an international team of web and programming experts who lead the way in web-based management systems and offer our clients in the design, signage, promotional products and print production fields the means to quickly and easily conduct business without having to worry about the cost and hassle of upgrading computers or downloading the latest software.

Whether you've already taken the plunge by working in "the cloud" or you're just dipping your toe into uncharted waters, CoreBridge gives you the tools to successfully bridge the flow of information throughout your company.

Welcome to the Cloud

Access from anywhere. No more being tied down to a single location and no more discs or servers.

Your Customers Will Love You

Customers stay connected with real-time access and notifications to the progress of their orders.

Powerful. Flexible. Simple.

Bridge all your critical business needs with a single Core system.

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