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Workflow Management

Don't let another memo, sticky note or email go unnoticed. CoreBridge keeps the lines of communication open and the design process flowing with auto alerts and reminders.


Everything including new orders and estimates, proofs awaiting approval, and final designs heading to production, are maintained in queues that help easily manage every job throughout the process.


Interface with sales people, customers, and designers, without being in the same location. CoreBridge is an organizational tool that allows you to cut out the paper trail and gives everyone the ability to see where the job is in the process.

When the order is sent, the design is ready, or the product is shipped, each step along the way creates an auto alert for customers, salespeople, and managers to stay informed on the progress of each order.


You can decrease training time, meeting time and production time by utilizing CoreBridge. Settings on your order forms and estimates, automated alerts and messages, queues, modules and color coded prioritized tasks all help to keep the work process flowing from start to finish.