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You can trust our reliable and highly protected service to handle your company's confidential information with complete assurance in our ability to store it securely.


We take security very seriously and protect your data at multiple levels. Our hosting facility employs extensive physical measures to prevent intruders from getting to your information.

This includes a 24/7 uniformed guard service, state of the art card readers and biometric scanners, and other access devices.

Data Storage

We understand that continual access to data is critical to your business so your information is saved in a reinforced storage system with database servers configured in either a RAID 5 or RAID1 (mirror) configuration. Your data is not only written to this primary storage sub-system but also to network attached storage with its own built-in redundancy.


On the network level, we utilize multiple layers of both hardware and software technologies to prevent unauthorized access and advanced transaction level authentication methods control what data end users have access to.

Your data will also remain secure in transit over the internet when using our Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption option.