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Business Reports

The ability to generate timely and precise reports is an important key to successfully managing your business.


Because of the automation built into CoreBridge, there is no need to worry about doing "closeouts" or other software procedures that enable accurate reporting but are often forgotten or delayed.

Events are recorded in real-time ensuring that you always know exactly what transacted and when it happened.


Many CoreBridge users will have access to various reports depending on their specified rights. A production manager can print off an inventory report that will aid him in maintaining the volume of products in stock, a sales manager can print off a list of delinquent customer accounts and begin the collection process or an accountant can print off an employee hours report to run payroll.


Many reports will have different filter options allowing you to see the exact data from the desired location for a specific time period. All reports can be viewed directly on your screen, printed, saved, or exported to a variety of commonly used formats.

Don't see a report listed that you would like? No problem! Simply click on the "Request a Custom Report" link and fill in the details. We will notify you once the report has been added to your system, usually in less than two weeks.