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In order to run an effective business you need to provide structure for your staff as well as the freedom to accomplish their work. CoreBridge allows you to monitor manpower while facilitating a self-monitored workflow.


Whether large or small, it's important to keep track of your team. Scheduling shifts, logging hours, assigning tasks and following up on projects becomes much easier with CoreBridge. Users can subscribe to specific event alerts which will appear on their home screen every time that event occurs allowing them to be aware of when to take a necessary action.


An unlimited number of staff members can be assigned their own user account and access levels in order to more easily train employees, fix errors, follow changes, and prevent fraud. Each user's actions are tracked and recorded so you know exactly who placed the order, when it was completed, how the payment was made, where it was delivered and any other details along the way.


With the ability to log in to CoreBridge from either the office or the home office, companies can give their employees the freedom to work where and when they choose. This also reduces overhead for businesses who are starting out or looking to cut back.