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Let designers do what they do best by simplifying their work process. CoreBridge offers efficient tracking methods and automated communication between departments and clients to keep the design process running smoothly without delays.


There's no need to tie up an entire project waiting for one element. CoreBridge utilizes queues to reduce clutter from long paper or email trails, helps designers locate their jobs faster, and moves projects along more quickly. Regardless of how many products a customer orders, each one receives its own line item in the queue identified by both an order number and an index number.

This allows each product to move independently of the other products in the order. If one particular product is held up for some reason it won't hold up the other products from advancing through the workflow.


A designer can work with various departments and customers directly without being in the same location. This eliminates other steps that can slow down the design process.

Through CoreBridge, specific information relating to each project can be reviewed by designers such as notes from the customer, sales rep or even production. When a design is ready, it is uploaded and an automated email is sent out telling the client to login and view the proof.

File Management

Sending and receiving files is much easier with the ability to upload and retrieve native files. Customers can upload graphics and other files for designers to download and use.

Once the artwork is finalized it is uploaded again and production teams can now access the needed files. As each file is automatically attached to the appropriate project, there's no need to hunt for missing elements and artwork.